Takeover Vundle

I saw this issue in the Vundle (GitHub: gmarik/Vundle.vim) repository: Takeover Vundle #608

Please comment below if you're interested in taking over Vundle.

I've not been involved and it's hurting the project. If you're interested in taking the lead - let me know and we'll discuss transition.

Following the advice Shougo and the community, there's now a VundleVim organization, and a reddit discussion.

It sounds like the main thing that's required of the project's maintainer is support. Gmarik said this on reddit:

I've not been active for quite a while now, so for me it's communication I think. Many people still @nick me and expect some sort of help, but instead they should be asking an active maintainer instead. Transferring ownership will improve feedback loop.

Vundle is a popular Vim plugin manager, and it's the one I use for quickly testing out plugins for this blog. It has over 8,000 GitHub stars, and over 400 watchers. It's a pretty solid and mature project, so I hope someone picks up the slack!

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