WASD Keyboards Vim Keys

I saw people talking about WASD Keyboards because apparently they now sell Vim layouts. WASD Keyboards sells mechanical keyboards, and part of the order process is a detailed customisation stage. You get all kinds of cool options, like switch type (Cherry Blue, Green, etc.), and even sound dampeners.

If you select the WASD V2 87-Key Custom Mechanical Keyboard, you should see "Vim Black" and "Vim White" under the "Alphanumeric Layout Style" section. Vim Black looks like this:

You can even select the OS key (including blank, Windows, Mac, and Linux)!

The keyboard that's compatible with the Vim layout costs around $145, and international shipping is available. I don't own one of these keyboards, but they seem to be highly regarded by gamers (and Vim users). The next time I'm in the market for a keyboard I'll definitely consider one of these!

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