Better ga and Characterize.vim

betterga (GitHub: manicmaniac/betterga) by Ryosuke Ito is an extended version of the :ascii command. This command is typically invoked with ga, and shows the ASCII value of the character under the cursor in decimal, hexidecimal, and octal.

Ryosuke's version of ga adds some useful extra information, including unicode details. For example:

  • <a> [LATIN SMALL LETTER A] 97, Hex 0x61, Octal 0141
  • <®> [REGISTERED SIGN] 174, Hex 0xae, Octal 0256
  • <∆> [INCREMENT] 8710, Hex 0x2206, Octal 021006

The template is defined with g:betterga_template, so you can change what values get displayed.

If you want even more character representations, then try tpope/vim-characterize by Tim Pope. This one returns emoji and HTML entities:

  • <©> 169, \251, U+00A9 COPYRIGHT SIGN, ^KCo, ^KcO, :copyright:, &copy;

If you take a look at the source for Tim's plugin you'll see large arrays of values for HTML entities and emojis, so it doesn't have any Ruby/Python dependencies but the autoload/characterize.vim file is pretty large.

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