Neovim Client Library for Clojure

Jeb Beich has created a Neovim client library for Clojure: jebberjeb/neovim-client. That means you can use Neovim's inter-process messaging library for scripting Neovim from a Clojure process.

There's a sample plugin that creates a horizontal split and then sets some text in a buffer:

(ns sample-plugin.core
  (:require [neovim-client.nvim :as nvim])

(defn -main
  [& args]
  (let [cur-buf (nvim/get-current-buffer)]
    (nvim/buffer-set-text! cur-buf "Sample plugin was here!")))

You can also open a Clojure REPL and send commands to an instance of Neovim -- see the readme for instructions on how to do this. It might be fun to combine this with Neovim's built-in terminal emulator.

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