vi-mode for oh-my-zsh

Here's a debate with no right answer: should you use default keybindings or highly customised ones that you prefer? I have tmux set up to use vi-like keybindings, and I have a few vi-inspired tweaks for zsh as well. Now whenever I switch to a colleague's machine that uses tmux I struggle for a few minutes to get used to the standard shortcuts.

If, like me, you like to customise everything, then you might be interested new oh-my-zsh vi-mode changes. There are pull requests for these changes on GitHub, in case you want to help test.

I've summarised the recent changes below:

  • #3616: Added standard ctrl-r for incremental history searching, G gg u ^-R Vim commands behavior, X clipboard interaction with standard Vim commands (y/p/d/c)
  • #3290: prompt function in vi-mode plugin
  • #3547: Added trapwinch to vi-mode plugin (merged)
  • #3603: ctrl-p, ctrl-n: explore history, ctrl-h, ctrl-?, ctrl-w: char, word deletion (merged)

Daniel Campoverde Carrión (alx741) describes the zsh vi-mode as limited, and I'd agree with that, so I'm looking forward to using these new vi-mode plugin features.

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