Silver Searcher Plugin

Vim Ags

There's a new Silver Searcher plugin (GitHub: gabesoft/vim-ags) by Gabriel Adomnicai that aims to improve search result navigation. The basic usage is :Ags, and it also has :AgsAdd for adding matches to the current set of search results.

Once you're in a search result window you can use some mappings for navigation. Pressing p navigates file paths forward, a displays the file path for the current results, and c copies the current path to the clipboard. There are also commands for opening a file above the results window (oa), and opening to the left (ol). There are many more mappings: press u to see them or view the full documentation.

The search results group the matches under the filenames, so the results are a little less noisy than the other search plugins that I've used. The author describes it as alpha right now, but I've tried switching to it for a few days because I prefer the search result view.

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