Neovim: Reviewers Wanted

Eliseo Martínez posted an issue to the Neovim project that called for more reviewers:

Having more people merging code, or trying to cope with PR's in a more FIFO way, as it's been suggested in #2056, could help, but, IMO, that's not the real bottleneck. The crux of the problem, to my understanding, is reviewing. To state it clearly: We need more reviewers.

I think we could try a simple approach to make reviewing more attractive: Let's credit reviewers by setting them as authors of review commits.

Neovim has hit the point where a lot of work is being done, but it's getting harder for the core team to manage contributions. There's lots of excitement about the project so it's good that so many people are contributing, but exactly how pull requests are managed now will be critical for the future of the project.

If you want to help Neovim then now might be a good time to get involved!

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