Script Roundup: vim-prosession, vim-dotoo

Dhruva Sagar sent me two plugins that he's written: VIM ProSession and VIM Do Too.

Vim ProSession (or vim-prosession) is an extension to Tim Pope's vim-obsession. The idea is to make it easier to manage multiple Vim sessions when Vim is started from a specific directory. It adds a command called :Prosession that completes session file names from the directory set by g:prosession_dir.

Vim Do Too

Vim Do Too (vim-dotoo) is a to-do list script. The required document structure is inspired by the Org Mode in Emacs. It has four different views: agenda view, TODOs view, refiles, and notes. You can use mappings to make quick edits to lists, like cit to edit an item, or gI to mark a headline under the cursor. You can also use abbreviations to insert the current date or time: :date: and :time:.

The project's GitHub page has screenshots that illustrate each of the views, so you can get a feel for how it works before installing it.

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