Rim: A Vim-Inspired Editor Written in Rust

Rust, Mozilla Research's fledgling language, is an interesting choice for developing a text editor. It's designed to be memory safe, with a Haskell-inspired type system. I'd argue that text editors really need to be reliable and safe, so I immediately downloaded and tried out Mathias Hällman's Rim project, a Vim-inspired editor written in Rust.


Right now Rim isn't usable for real work, but it does demonstrate some core features for manipulating buffers and windows. The readme has a guide to the keyboard shortcuts, which aren't quite like Vim but are easy enough to learn to try it out. You can split windows, close windows, and move the caret with the arrow keys.

If you want to run it, get the source from git@github.com:mathall/rim.git and make sure you have a recent version of Rust. I upgraded mine to the most recent nightly build, then ran cargo run and Rim actually worked first time!

Rim was posted on Hacker News but hasn't received many points so far: Show HN: Rim – Aspiring vim-like text editor. I think it's worth an upvote because Rust is an interesting language, and implementing text editors is surprisingly difficult!

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