Haskell Vim IDE

Frogtor, from Learn You a Haskell

Over the last few years there has been an increasing amount of accessible documentation for Haskell. For example, the Learn You a Haskell book has introduced a new audience to the language, without over-simplifying the functional concepts required to write proper Haskell.

I found the Haskell Vim IDE project through Hacker News -- it only has one HN upvote but I think it's worth looking at if you're interested in working with Haskell. The author, Joe Nelson, recommends installing it with curl, so if you decide to do that make sure you check the script is safe first. Once you've got it installed, you get bindings for types, autocomplete, linting, Hoogle, the GHCI repl (in tmux), Git, commenting, aligning, and even tags so you can jump around Haskell programs more easily.

The installer script uses Vundle to install the required Vim scripts, which include some popular plugins like tslime.vim, vimproc.vim, supertab, syntastic, vim-bbye, vim-indent-guides, Fugitive, and NERD Tree. The Haskell-specific stuff includes haskell-vim, vim-haskellConcealPlus, ghcmod-vim, and neco-ghc.

One thing the installer does that I always hate doing is building binaries, like hasktags and hscope, so it should get you closer to a friendly and complete Haskell environment.

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