Script Roundup: EntryComplete, cf5-compile.vim


EntryComplete by Ingo Karkat allows you to specify buffers that will be used for line completion (triggered by CTRL-X CTRL-L in Insert mode). This means you can use a file that contains a list of useful snippets, like a cheat sheet.

Ingo was inspired by a stackoverflow post where the issues with the default behaviour of i_CTRL-X_CTRL-L were discussed.

Note that if you want to try this plugin you'll need to install ingo-library and CompleteHelper, also written by Ingo.


Do you create single file experiments that you want to quickly compile from within Vim? If so, cf5-compile.vim might be useful. It uses filetype to determine which compiler to use, and it'll use some Vim variables to populate the compiler flags.

The documentation has example mappings and configuration values. The suggested mapping is F5, which I believe is what Visual Studio uses.

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