Tyler Benziger sent in Selecta (GitHub: garybernhardt/selecta, License: MIT) by Gary Bernhardt. It's a fuzzy file finder that also works with command names, help topics, identifiers, or anything else that has a list.

It's designed to be used with Vim, but you could use it with other programs as well. Given a list of items in stdin, it'll present a fuzzy selection interface. The subsequent selection will be printed on stdout.

Gary's basic example is cat $(ls *.txt | selecta), which illustrates how it works quite nicely. The readme has a short Vim script that you can add to your .vimrc if you like the project.

Tyler notes that there's a Vim plugin at michaelavila/selecta.vim. This plugin includes some shortcuts for selecting from a list of files (based on find . -type f) and selecting from Vim's buffers.

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