VimConf 2014


While lurking on r/vim I noticed the VimConf 2014 slides and videos (reddit). This is a conference that was held in Tokyo last Saturday.

The talks are all on YouTube in Japanese, but if you don't speak Japanese you still might enjoy looking through the slides.

For example, Shougo's talk about NeoVim has English slides, and it turns out he's a big supporter of NeoVim and is excited about its future. Towards the end he says he hopes Vim and NeoVim can coexist, and seems to see NeoVim as a potential successful fork, in the style of Chromium or Firefox.

I also thought Linda_pp's slides on 'f' were cool, and /-improved tells the story of the development of haya14busa/incsearch.vim which is a really nice search plugin.

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