Script Roundup: smartpairs, ftcolor.vim


smartpairs (GitHub: gorkunov / smartpairs.vim, License: wtfpl) by Alexander Gorkunov is a plugin for visually selecting ranges based on brackets or quotes, without needing to type the brackets or quotes. So rather than vi{ you can type viv -- the last v will cause the plugin to search for the pair of the symbol under the cursor. It's a nice tweak to the existing behaviour that seems easy to learn.

Alexander also sent in smartgf.vim. This is a method definition search plugin designed for Ruby. Once the cursor is over a method name you should be able to type gf to search for related methods. The results are obtained using The Silver Searcher, and each entry has a number so you can quickly jump to the corresponding file and location.


ftcolor.vim (GitHub: caglartoklu / ftcolor.vim, License: BSD 2-clause) by Caglar Toklu is a handy plugin for switching colour scheme based on language. That means you could have a totally different scheme for JavaScript or Lisp code, for example.

It has some configuration options, like g:ftcolor_default_color_scheme and then one for each language (g:ftcolor_color_mappings.python). It also supports light and dark options. All of this is documented in the readme.

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