No Vim Stack Exchange

It turns out there won't be a Vim Stack Exchange (see my previous post).

We recently launched an Emacs site, and the Vi/Vim community quickly followed to have a site of their own. The show of support here was nothing short of amazing. It weighed heavily in our evaluation of this site, but we ultimately decide not to split off Vi/Vim from Stack Overflow and the other communities that support this subject.

A comparison between Emacs and Vi/Vim is inevitable. It's a good question, and we talked about this a lot. We were on the fence about creating the Emacs site in the first place, but the argument that there was an ecosystem of questions not suitable to Stack Overflow won over by the narrowest of margins.

We couldn't make that same argument for splitting off a Vi/Vim site. Long story short (yes, we discussed this extensively), there simply is not a lot of content here that doesn't already fit well on our existing sites.

Naturally there are a lot of angry Vim fanatics arguing for a Vim site, and some of the comments are pretty funny:

Did Joel (a fervent Emacs fan, as I understand it) weigh in on this? Fanning the flames of the editor war, are we, Stack Exchange?

But there are plenty of resources for learning Vim so I don't think it's all that bad.

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