Save to Evernote Using Geeknote


If you're an Evernote fan who prefers writing in Vim, then you may like Geeknote (GitHub: VitaliyRodnenko / geeknote). It's an open source command-line client that supports notes, notebooks, tags, search, and sync.

You can edit the synced files with Vim, but there's also vim-geeknote (GitHub: neilagabriel / vim-geeknote, License: Vim) by Neil Gabriel. This plugin shows your notebooks in a split view, and notes are displayed as plain text. Geeknote supports Markdown, so you can edit notes with styling as well.

Both of these projects are written with Python, so you should make sure Geeknote runs correctly before trying vim-geeknote. One cool feature of Geeknote is it can sync local directories of text files with Evernote, so it's a good way of dumping files from another note service.

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