Changing Case

If you've ever been editing a file then noticed everything has somehow been made lowercase, then read on for a likely explanation. Vim has a rich set of Normal mode commands for changing or deleting text. The ones I'm going to talk about can be found under simple-change in the manual. In particular, the gu commands.

If you type gu{motion}, Vim will make the text that is covered by the motion lowercase. For example, guw will lowercase a word, and gu$ will lowercase the rest of the line. You can also use guu to make the current line lowercase, and {Visual}u to make the visual selection lowercase.

This is probably the cause of many editing mistakes: u feels a lot like undo, and it's easy to forget whether or not a visual selection has been made. I find myself hitting gu{motion} with a movement command as well, and I don't always spot it in time.

I last did this with guk, which caused the entire paragraph to become lowercase because it moved the cursor to the previous line.

I don't find gu particularly useful, although I do use ~ to toggle case when I'm programming. It is useful to know exactly why random chunks of text have become lowercase, however!

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