Script Roundup: rogue.vim



Sometimes in life a hobgoblin hits you, but then it's OK because you defeat it and find a green potion. I've getting back into Rogue, thanks to rogue.vim (GitHub: katono / rogue.vim, License: MIT) by Kato Noriaki. This is a Vim implementation of Rogue. It requires Lua-enabled Vim, which I installed with brew install vim --with-lua.

If you don't already know, Rogue uses hjkl for movement, so it's a great excuse to play a game while practising essential Vim skills. This version includes lots of useful stuff, like the Rogue man page, guide, and also documentation for rogue.vim itself.

It takes effort to learn Rogue to the point that it becomes fun, but there's been a resurgence of Rogue-like indie games lately so it's nice to play this version.

There are other Vim Rogue-likes, but this is the most complete version that I've seen.

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