Script Roundup: a_indent, Session-Viminfo-Management


aindent (GitHub: caigithub / aindent) by Colin Cai is a plugin for manipulating code blocks. It's relatively language agnostic because it scans for blocks based on indentation.

Typing am selects the current code block, and ai selects code based on the current level of indentation. There are also some jump commands, like M for jumping to the next block with the same level of indentation.

I usually select blocks based on brackets with %, which is the motion for matching brackets. This isn't always that convenient, however, because I have to first move to the nearest bracket.


Session-Viminfo-Management by Brant Chen is a plugin that attempts to improve :mksession and :wviminfo. It can automatically load and save session and viminfo files when entering or leaving Vim.

To help manage these files, it employs the concept of a 'workspace'. You can manually save and load workspaces with :Savews and :Loadws. These commands support filenames, so you can output the session data to separate files if required.

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