Five Simple Lisp Tips Guaranteed to Boost Productivity

Even though I like to use Vim for pretty much everything, I can understand why Lisp programmers gravitate to Emacs. Five Simple Lisp Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your Productivity introduces some basic Lisp and then shows how to make Vim better at handling it.

For example, the first tip is improving highlighting for brackets by using Better Rainbow Parentheses. There's also some instructions on what motions to use with Lisp.

Another essential Lisp-related Vim script is fireplace.vim, which is like a REPL for Vim and Clojure. A REPL is really useful for beginners who are learning Clojure, because it allows you to interactively experiment with code until you understand it.

If you're interested in trying out Clojure you don't need to completely switch editor!

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