Script Roundup: vim-autoformat, Fist of Vim


A reader sent in vim-autoformat, which uses external programs to format code. The default formatprograms include formatters for C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python.

The reader mentioned that it's useful for Python programmers who want to format code according to PEP 8.

Fist of Vim

Fist of Vim (GitHub: ajh17 / vim-fist, License: Vim) by Akshay Hegde is an extremely simple Gist script. It uses <Leader>p for creating new Gists, and <Leader>u for updating them.

You can create anonymous Gists, open them in a browser, and create secret Gists. If you've ever wanted to treat Gists like a kind of simplified Evernote replacement from within Vim, then this might do it.

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