Script Roundup: v


Oz Tiram sent in v which is like z for Vim:

v uses viminfo's list of recently edited files to open one quickly no matter where you are in the filesystem.

He found it through this blog post: v: Re-edit files quickly with vim

There's also MRU which is a pure-Vim implementation:

The Most Recently Used (MRU) plugin provides an easy access to a list of recently opened/edited files in Vim. This plugin automatically stores the file names as you open/edit them in Vim.

This plugin will work on all the platforms where Vim is supported. This plugin will work in both console and GUI Vim. This version of the MRU plugin needs Vim 7.0 and above. If you are using an earlier version of Vim, then you should use an older version of the MRU plugin.

It uses some autocommands to log the recently used files:

" MRU autocommands {{{1
" Autocommands to detect the most recently used files
autocmd BufRead * call s:MRU_AddFile(expand(''))
autocmd BufNewFile * call s:MRU_AddFile(expand(''))
autocmd BufWritePost * call s:MRU_AddFile(expand(''))
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