hjkl and Touch Typing

I use hjkl, after disabling arrow keys for a few months. If you don't use hjkl, I think you should try it because it's a lot easier to get used to than you might think. You just have to dive in to the deep end and practice.

hjkl and touch typing is a post on reddit by benekastah that asks if it would be more optimal to move the keys to the natural home keys, like jkl;.

There are some interesting points raised in the discussions, like this one by Syfrix:

I've never officially learned to touchtype so I'm not familiar with the "right" positions of my fingers. I have four of my fingers on hjkl and that works fine for me. Interestingly, the default configuration of the i3 window manager uses jkl; as directional keys. I changed this to hjkl to make it consistent with vim and my browser, but maybe you'd want to try it out on vim?

But then Sphaerophoria said:

You shouldn't be doing single character motions enough that you need to move your hand over.

Which fits in with Drew Neil's idea about trying to make repeatable edits.

I don't mind moving my finger over to h, so I don't think I'll ever leave hjkl.

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