Vim Polyglot

If you consider yourself a bit of a polyglot, then managing lots of syntax files can get annoying. For example, I have plugins for CoffeeScript, Markdown, Jade, CSS pre-preprocessors, and Clojure. I think this situation is pretty common for web developers who use Vim. Even though Vim has some pretty sensible built-in syntax files, languages change pretty quickly.

I recently found vim-polyglot by Adam Stankiewicz which bundles over 50 "language packs" together. It has all of the ones I wanted, and more I didn't even know about.

The author claims it has some advantages over installing separate plugins:

  • It won't affect your startup time, as scripts are loaded only on demand*.
  • It installs 50+ times faster than 50+ packages it consist of.
  • Solid syntax and indentation support. Only the best language packs.
  • All unnecessary files are ignored (like enormous documentation from php support).
  • No support for esoteric languages, only most popular ones (modern too, like slim).
  • Each build is tested by automated vimrunner script on CI. See spec directory.

I think the fact that each build is tested is pretty cool!

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