Script Roundup: caniuse.vim, Joyent Plugin List


If you're writing CSS and can't remember what browsers support a given feature, then you probably switch to a browser and open A new alternative is caniuse.vim (GitHub: zoeesilcock / vim-caniuse) by Zoee Silcock.

You can trigger a search from Normal mode by using <leader>ciu. You can also use a command: :Caniuse border-radius.

If you're writing a lot of CSS then this might improve your workflow.

Joyent's Vim Plug List

I randomly stumbled on a list of Node plugins, curated by Joyent: Vim-Plugins. This includes lots of useful plugins if you write JavaScript and Node.

One of the obvious Node-related projects is Node.vim, which adds a useful gf shortcut that opens files using the same logic as Node's module system.

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