Shougo's AMA

I enjoyed reading Tim Pope's AMA on reddit, and it has now been followed by a Shougo AMA. Shougo is the author of several popular Vim plugins, including unite.vim and neocomplete.

[–]ShougoMatsuDark Vim Master / 暗黒美夢王(Uncock Vim Awe)[S] 41 points 3 days ago

Yes, I have watched neovim repository. I think "neovim" is the result of Vim community division. I think Vim community has 3 types people.

  1. Pure Vim user. Almost default settings. It is almost Vim (internal) developers. I think it includes Mr.Bram. Because they can change Vim source code easily than write configuration/plugins.
  2. Standard Vim user. They use some plugins and some .vimrc configurations.
  3. Plugin junkies. They use over 50 plugins and have 500+ lines .vimrc Including me. They are near to Emacs/IDE user. It is almost Vim plugins developers.

I have watched Vim community in Japan/other countries. "3. Plugin junkies" seems to be very growed. Current Vim is not designed for them.

There's a lot of discussion about Vim's popularity and usage styles in Japan, and the reasons why Shougo likes Vim and Vim script.

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