Script Roundup: Buffersaurus, CMake


Buffersaurus (GitHub: jeetsukumaran / vim-buffersaurus) by Jeet Sukumaran is a plugin for searching (and replacing) across all open buffers. Typing :Bsgrep searches all buffers for a regular expression, and you can use an exclamation mark to only search the current buffer.

The :Bstoc command generates a table of contents for patterns based on filetype, which means you can use it to generate lists of method names.

There's also a :Bsreplace command for replacing text. For full documentation, see buffersaurus.txt.

CMake Syntax Update

If you use CMake 2.8.12, then you can use this syntax update by Timothy Madden to improve Vim's support for the syntax. It adds generator expressions, properties, variables, and the new CMake commands.

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