I don't know if Vim-inspired aesthetics is a thing, but some people are definitely console fetishists. Ideas from Vim and text-based UIs make their way into web software, and a great example of this is Treed (GitHub: jaredly / treed, License: Apache 2.0) by Jared Forsyth.


Treed is a "tree editing" component. By using some of Vim's keyboard shortcuts, you can navigate and edit trees, and the results can be rendered in real time using D3.js.

It actually has Normal mode and "edit mode", so you can press escape and i, a, A, or even o and O to start editing -- o will insert a new node much like Vim. Undo is supported as well.

Although Vim-inspired keyboard shortcuts might seem to have a niche appeal, I think depending on the context this kind of flexible UI component will appeal to power users.

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