Kakoune by Maxime Coste is a Vim-inspired editor that focuses on incremental editing using selections:

Kakoune works on selections, which are oriented, inclusive range of characters, selections have an anchor and a cursor character. Most commands move both of them, except when extending selection where the anchor character stays fixed and the cursor one moves around.

It's a C++/Boost project with ncurses and support for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows with Cygwin.

There's a video here that outlines the main features: vimeo.com/82711574.

I find it interesting that Kakoune focuses on selections, because I often try to avoid overusing selections in Vim. I prefer to make small, repeatable movements and edits. In the video there's an ASCII art Clippy image on a popup, so I wondered if the project was an April 1st joke, but I'm still trying to get it to build so I'll let you know!

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