Folding a vimrc

vimrc with folding

Something that surprises people when they see my .vimrc is the fact I use folding to keep it tidy. Because it's a Vim-specific file, I don't mind having a modeline at the top that ensures folding is enabled by default: " vim:fdm=marker. This sets foldmethod to foldmarker so comments can define folds:

" Mouse {{{
set ttyfast
set ttymouse=xterm2
set mouse=a
" }}}

My .vimrc is 109 lines, which I think is way too long, but even if it was shorter I'd probably still use folds to organise it.

I currently use Vundle, and I like to periodically run :BundleInstall and to make sure the plugins I'm using are current. I've had cases where repositories have moved, which meant every time I did anything with Vundle like adding a new plugin I'd get errors.

It's a good idea to keep your plugins updated -- Vundle displays a nice changelog after updates as well, which is usually fairly readable.

If you want to read more about curating your .vimrc, take a look at How to Write a Cleaner vimrc which I wrote back in 2012.

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