Loading Projects

On reddit there's a post about managing projects in Vim: How do you load projects?

I recently added a "Project loading" section to my vimrc. I want to load a project in vim quickly. I will cd to the root, run ctags, give custom configurations to a plugin, etc. I am currently using a function for each project. A naming convention is used so I can type :call Load Then tab through the wild menu. I shortcut the the project I'm working on. Combined with Tim Pope's Dispatch it really opens up the doors to load smoothly.

I don't use any specific project management plugins. Instead I use the following tools:

  • autojump to quickly jump to a project directory
  • vinegar.vim to browse file systems
  • tmux to quickly open a panels for running tests and other commands

It can take a while to get used to vinegar.vim, but the fact it's a very lightweight wrapper around netrw appeals to me. I also use a shell and git aliases to speed up these commands.

Because IDEs and editors like Sublime and Atom have built-in project management support, then new Vim users often feel like these features are missing. But I find the autojump/tmux/vinegar.vim combination to work well for most of my work.

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