Script Roundup: Wipeout, Patternjump


Wipeout by Artem Nezvigin is a small plugin that closes all buffers that are not open in any tabs or windows. It's adapted from this Stack Overflow question.


Patternjump (GitHub: machakann / vim-patternjump, License: NYSL) by Masaaki Nakamura is a plugin for defining cursor jumps based on patterns. The patterns can be per-mode, so you can limit them to Normal, Visual, Operator-pending, Command-line, and Insert modes.

Patterns can have a head or a tail, or both. "Head" patterns will cause the cursor to move to the first matching character, and tail moves to the end. It's like a DSL for defining complex motions. The documentation explains everything in much more detail than the readme and pages, so dive in there if you're interested.

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