Neovim (GitHub: neovim / neovim) is a project to "aggressively refactor" Vim. Some of the project's goals are:

  • Migrate to CMake
  • Switch to libuv for I/O
  • Replace the plugin architecture
  • Change how GUIs are handled

Neovim was started by Thiago de Arruda, who has created some innovative patches for Vim. His work on threads in particular has drawn interest from sites like Hacker News and reddit.

He announced the project on the vim_dev mailing list. Bram Moolenaar responded, and a heated debate followed:

What happens when an "outsider" posts something as far reaching as the recent timeout / async patch, or the multithreading patch, is that Bram is reluctant to write an in-depth analysis (he has been at this for 20+ years, he has a job, a life, and he already has his hands full just from maintaining Vim as it is), and nobody else really feels qualified to post a meaningful answer. The only somewhat informed feedback the author receives is then a few vague and / or opinionated rants that rarely go beyond pointing out the obvious. Then the author concludes that nobody cares, feels offended, takes it personally, and posts frustrated calls to arms on YC.

-- LCD 47

If you like the idea of Thiago's project, then you can back it financially through his Neovim Bountysource campaign. The campaign is already successful -- $15,061 of $10,000 has been raised.

It might seem audacious to create a wish list of features and then put a price tag on them, given that some are technically ambitious and potentially unfeasible. However, Thiago's patches have been innovative, so even if you don't want to back his project I think it's worth watching the GitHub activity.

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