Script Roundup: jdaddy.vim, wildfire.vim


jdaddy.vim (GitHub: tpope / vim-jdaddy, License: MIT) by Tim Pope is a set of useful mappings for working with JSON.

aj is a text object for the outermost JSON object, and gqaj pretty prints the JSON under the cursor. There's also gwaj, which merges JSON from a register into the outermost JSON object.

There are more features that are documented in doc/jdaddy.txt. The source itself is interesting -- there's a parse function that uses some monster regular expressions.


wildfire.vim by (GitHub: gcmt / wildfire.vim) can potentially speed up working with text objects by support "smart selections" when you press <Enter> in Normal mode.

With Wildfire you can quickly select the closest text object among a group of candidates. By default candidates are i', i", i), i], i}, ip and it.

Press <Enter> in normal mode to select the closest text object. Keep pressing <ENTER> for selecting the next closest text object. To go the other way round, that is, to select the previously selected text object, press <BS>.

You can add more text objects by editing g:wildfire_objects. I think this is a really clever idea, and could easily find itself into my .vimrc.

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