Hidden Documentation

Mislav Marohnić wrote Every line of code is always documented, an article about figuring out the reasoning behind confusing code:

As it turns out, this line--more specifically, the change which introduced this line--is heavily documented with information about why it was necessary, why did the previous approach (referred to by a commit SHA) not work, which browsers are affected, and a link for further reading.

He gives some examples with Vim and Fugitive, detailing the exact keystrokes needed to use :Gblame to compare buffers against files on GitHub.

I often find myself using Git from within Vim, and I like this use of :Gblame. If you haven't used Fugitive before and you're collaborating on a project, then you should definitely try installing it and typing :Gblame just to see the basic usage. Like Mislav I usually find the source of the bad code was me, but the commit logs are still useful!

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