Vim and the Web, Vim Croquet

I spoke at Vim London last night about Vim and the web. The slides are here: Vim and the Web, and the Lanyrd page has more resources and coverage.

I've spent some time with Chromebooks over the last year, trying to use web-based editors. Some attempt to emulate Vim, which is never quite 100%. Recently the Vim.js project caught my attention -- it uses Emscripten to build a JavaScript version of Vim that has asm.js optimisations. I cover this briefly in the talk.

Vim Croquet

Seth Brown's Vim Croquet post discusses analysing keystrokes in Vim. He generates a heatmap based on thousands of keystrokes and finds ways to improve his editing fluency.

After lexing my log data, I forked Patrick Wied's awesome heatmap-keyboard project and added my own custom layout to read the output of my lexer. Patrick's project does not detect most meta-characters like escape, control, and command, so it was necessary for me to write a data loader in JavaScript and make some other modifications so the heatmap would accurately depict key usage in vim. I

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