Script Roundup: ag.vim, WakaTime


Someone known as "sw dev" replied to the Usevim Feedburner email with ag.vim, a fork of ack.vim which has been adapted to work with The Silver Searcher.

It's possible to continue to use ack.vim with ag installed, but ag.vim supports the features ag has that ack doesn't. If you look at the ag.vim documentation, you'll see the extended options that it supports.


WakaTime is a time tracking service that has Vim support (GitHub: wakatime / vim-wakatime). Once you've installed it time will be tracked automatically -- the current project is derived from Git. You can also sign in at WakaTime to configure how projects are recognised.

The Vim support is provided by Python plugin, so technically many editors can work with WakaTime. There are also plugins for Emacs and Sublime.

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