Minimalist Vim Workflow for Scala

Scala in Vim

In general, Java developers seem to like their IDEs. I don't think I've ever heard anyone openly profess their love for Eclipse, but it definitely has a lot of tools that make working with Java less painful.

As a consequence, it seems like many Scala developers use the same IDEs. This seems a little unnatural to me, because Scala feels lighter and somehow more Vim-friendly. In Coding Scala with Vim, Derek Wyatt talks about his Scala workflow, which you may find appealing if you're fed up with your IDE.

Derek demonstrates that Scala development can be streamlined with Vim and the Z shell. He uses each tool for what it's good at: Vim for editing, the shell for coordinating things and running tasks with sbt.

My experience with IDEs (and yes, I've used them) leaves me wanting in a number of areas, but one of the most crucial is any integration with the Unix shell. The ZSH plugin lets me talk to my running Vim instance from wherever I happen to be. If I couldn't do this, then I'd have to have my editor completely replicate all of the power I would otherwise be missing from not being able to use the shell.

Coding Scala in Vim from Derek Wyatt on Vimeo.

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