Too Many Tabs!

I use tabs and split windows a lot. I organise them depending on context: sometimes I'll have test | source, other times arbitrary groupings based on the problem at hand. I have two main issues with tabs, though: switching between large numbers of tabs, and opening them based on buffers.

Too many tabs!

The basic tab switching commands are gt and gT -- move forward and backwards. These commands can take a numerical arguments, so 3gt skips three tabs ahead. You can even skip to the first tab with :tabr. If you've got mouse input enabled (:set mouse=a), then you can click tabs.

If you don't like the order of your tabs, :tabm + and :tabm - can be used to move tabs around.

Sometimes I get into a mess with too many tabs. To allow myself to focus again, I like to use :tabonly which closes all tabs apart from the current one.

I'm not that bothered about saving the exact state of tabs, so if I want to reopen files as tabs I'll often try :tab ball which opens all of the buffers in tabs. It's usually a good idea to type :ls first to see what buffers are open.

Other than that I don't really use anything else -- no fancy scripts or remappings. I find the basic tab commands just enough.

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