Script Roundup: vim-vertical-move, npm.vim


vim-vertical-move (GitHub: bruno- / vim-vertical-move, License: MIT) by Bruno Sutic adds vertical movement motions. You can move the cursor to the point where a column change would be required. Bruno's example shows him editing quoted URLs in CSS, where he uses f'<Ctrl>V,]f' to do the following:

  • f': Move to the first quote
  • CTRL-v: Enter Visual mode, blockwise
  • ,]: Move down to the last column
  • f': Move to the next column that contains '

This causes a set of image URLs to be replaced with a new relative URL.


npm.vim (GitHub: oinksoft / npm.vim, License: MIT) adds support for npm to Vim. Once it's installed you can use :Npm to install and manage modules. It even supports tab completion!

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