Using Vim as a Password Manager

A few weeks ago I wrote about Vim's built-in cryptographic features in Protect Notes with Vim Encryption. In Using Vim as your Password Manager, Sam Stelfox writes about an iteration on this idea -- using Vim for encrypting passwords:

Using this personally required me coming up with a pseudo-file format that would allow me to quickly and easily find the credentials I needed.

You'll notice I also used this to keep track of whether an account had physical information tied to it. When I moved this made it very quick for me to search for accounts that I needed to update with my new mailing address.

As with many solutions this "temporary" one became more and more permanent as my motivation to build the Passpack competitor dwindled. My problem had been solved and I was no longer compelled to put any effort into a solution.

The basic idea is to use a text file with a simple format that is encrypted using :set cryptmethod=blowfish and :X to save the file. I liked Sam's idea about attaching physical address information to make address changes easier to deal with.

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