Script Roundup: Vim Processing 1.0, vim-gnote

Vim Processing 1.0

Vim Processing has been updated to version 1.0. It has the following new features:

  • Compile and run processing sketches with :make, and full integration with the QuickFix window and Vim compiler directives
  • Syntax updates for Processing 2.0
  • Scripts to autogenerate syntax files for those using development versions of processing, or custom variants
  • Full help documentation

The main features provided by the plugin are syntax highlighting, documentation, and integration with Vim's compiler support.


vim-gnote (GitHub: Zuckonit / vim-gnote, License: MIT) uses Python to store notes in an IMAP mailbox. To use it, set your username and password with g:gnote_mail_username and g:gnote_mail_password, then store files as notes with the Gnote() function. The author recommends using this mapping:

map gn : call Gnote() 

The source of the plugin is basically a single file, so it's pretty easy to see how it works if you're interested. And if you set your password in a configuration file, make sure it's not world/group readable.

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