Script Roundup: Cosco.vim, vim-airline-tomato


Cosco.vim (GitHub: lfilho / cosco.vim, License: MIT) by Luiz Gonzaga dos Santos Filho automatically inserts semicolons in Vim. It appends, substitutes, or removes commas or a semicolons based on context.

It's designed with JavaScript in mind, but the author notes it should work with any language. It adds a function called cosco#commaOrSemiColon, so it can be set up to trigger when , or ; is pressed.

Interestingly, this plugin includes unit tests written with vim-unittest.


vim-airline-tomato by "Zuckonit" is an extension for Airline that adds timers for those that work according to the Pomodoro Technique.

The time interval can be changed with let g:tomato#interval, and the rest time can be set with let g:tomato#rest_time = 20 * 60. It also allows the notification text to be changed for reminders and rests.

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