Protect Notes with Vim Encryption

Vim encryption

Did you know Vim has built-in encryption? All you need to do to use it is to master the single command :X.

When you've got an open buffer, before saving type :X in Normal mode. Vim will prompt you for an encryption key twice. Then you can save the file with :w.

If you cat the file on the command-line you'll see that it now consists of some kind of binary data, prefixed with the VimCrypt header. This header allows Vim to see that the file is encrypted -- when you try to open it again Vim will prompt for the encryption key.

If you type :set cryptmethod (alias: cm, help: 'cryptmethod') Vim will display the default encryption algorithm. The default is zip which isn't very strong. It's good enough to hide your diary from casual snoopers, but you may prefer the blowfish method which is stronger.

This simple method of encrypting files might be suitable for hiding things like notes -- things you don't want other people to read too easily. It's convenient and easy to use, and I think it's surprising to find that Vim supports it out of the box.

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