Script Roundup: Sneak, ctrlp-cmdpalette


It's always interesting to see a new motion. Sneak (GitHub: justinmk / vim-sneak, License: MIT) by Justin M. Keyes is a motion for moving "medium" distances -- that is, between f and /. It searches for matches across multiple lines, works with operators, and also supports repeats and visual mode.

It has some default mappings: s waits for two characters, then moves to the next match. Pressing ; will repeat the last s.

It's a bit like a cross between Seek and EasyMotion -- the author includes references to these plugins and the differences between them in Sneak's documentation.


ctrlp-cmdpalette (GitHub: fisadev / vim-ctrlp-cmdpalette) by Juan Pedro Fisanotti is an extension for ctrlp.vim that allows Vim commands to be searched and run. It makes a command available called CtrlPCmdPalette, which can be bound as required.

It's written with Python, and reads in a file with a list of commands which are then passed to ctrlp so it can search for matches.

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