Presentations with Vim and git-slides

Sometimes when you're creating a technical talk, using PowerPoint or Keynote feels extremely awkward. Adding syntax highlighted code samples requires an extra step, and dipping into live coding isn't elegant.

Many speakers prefer to present using Vim -- each slide can be a file, tab, or whatever makes sense based on the content.

A new take on this idea is git-slides by Samuel GĂ©lineau. It uses a Git commit for each slide, and a Vim plugin for authoring and presenting the slides. Once it's installed sl displays the next slide, and sh shows the previous one. ss saves a slide, and sb inserts a new one.

Other shortcuts are defined: backspace goes back, and space goes forward. Take a look at git-slides.vim to see all of the mappings.

The plugin itself wraps around the git-slides bash script. This is where the Git hacking work takes place.

I've used Google Drive and Keynote to create presentations before, but this seems like an interesting Vim-friendly approach.

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