Script Roundup: Projections.vim, Unstack.vim


If you like Rails.vim then you might be interested in Projections.vim (GitHub: malkomalko / projections.vim, License: Vim) by Robert Malko. It brings the workflow ideas from Rails.vim to other languages by using a JSON file to map between a target language and the MVC style of development used by Rails.

It's mostly useful as a project navigation tool: if you want to open a model file then :Emodels model will work. The prefix, E, can be changed to open in a split (S) or tab (T).

Files can be created based on templates. The templates are just strings in the configuration file, so a model for a JavaScript project might be module.exports = function() {\n};\n.


Unstack.vim (GitHub: mattboehm / vim-unstack, License: Vim) by Matthew Boehm is a script for parsing stack traces and opening each of the referenced files in split windows.

It currently supports Python, Ruby, C#, Perl, and Go. This seems like the ideal library to use when doing test-driven development, because it should cut down the amount of time you spend hunting through stack traces for the sources of crashes.

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