Script Roundup: vim-emoji, fontdetect


Vim emoji

If you're using a Mac, you're probably familiar with emoji. vim-emoji (GitHub: junegunn / vim-emoji) by Junegunn Choi makes it easier to work with emoji in Vim. The author's examples include settings for Git Gutter.

The plugin provides a function that can be used to look up an emoji symbol, like this: emoji#for('small_blue_diamond'). That means you could tie it into anything you want: perhaps a :boom: for FIXME comments...


Some plugins and settings benefit from special casing based on the current font. I dimly recall running into this when writing small scripts that enhance the old Powerline. fontdetect (GitHub: drmikehenry / vim-fontdetect) by Michael Henry tries to improve on Vim's getfontname function.

if fontdetect#hasFontFamily("DejaVu Sans Mono") 
  let &guifont = "DejaVu Sans Mono 14" 

It should work with GTK, Mac OS X, and Windows, so it might help you add a bit of portability to more extreme uses of textual UIs.

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