Script Roundup: DuplicateWrite, SuperSub


DuplicateWrite by Ingo Karkat is a script that writes a duplicate copy of a file whenever it's saved. That means you could do things like use netrw to write a copy to a remote server.

This plugin defines a :DuplicateWrite command that sets up additional :write targets. From then on, whenever you save that buffer, the write is cascaded to the additional files. Thus, when editing a script in your project directory, you can have it immediately copied to the install directory that is in the PATH. Or, with the help of the netrw plugin, you can even automatically upload a locally edited HTML page to the remote web server.

The author notes that version control and automated deployment make this largely redundant, but there are times when it might be convenient.


SuperSub by Phil Miller changes the substitute command to make it copy with multiple replacements across several lines. That means you can replace repeated text with a set of values.

It's a fairly simple plugin that uses a loop and strpart to look for semicolons, then performs replacement based on the subsequent split values.

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