Vim for Erlang Development

How to use Vim for Erlang Development by Martin J. Logan, who wrote Erlang and OTP in Action, introduces a familiar cocktail of Vim scripts tailored for Erlang development.

If you read on towards the end, however, there are some good tips based on the author's workflow. I liked this tip about using marks to indent awkward sections:

vimerl will auto-indent for you as you type. But if you come across a line that you want to indent try typing ==. Let's say you want to indent a block of code. Simple, mark the line that starts the block with ma then go to the end of the block and tell vimerl to indent to the mark as such: ='a. Now if your whole file is a mess then try gg to go to the beginning of your file and then =G to indent all the way to the end. You can do this all in one step as in gg=G.

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